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The Role of the Pravo Newspaper in the Strengthening of Croatian National Ideology in Dubrovnik at the Close of the Nineteenth Century

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After a time-consuming and fruitless search for the copies of the Pravo, newspaper, a volume of eight issues has been finally located in the State Archives of Zadar, where it was wrongly classified. Pravo was launched in November 1895 by the young member of the Dubrovnik Party of Rights, Đuro Rašica. Apart from Supilo’s Crvena Hrvatska, it was the second local political paper. A deeper insight into the contents and editorial policy of Pravo reveals disunity within the Dubrovnik organisation of the Party of Rights, as a reflection of similar developments among the party members in the central part of Croatia (Banska Hrvatska). Pravo advocated strong national ideology and a programme of the “Union and Freedom of All Croats”. It was against convergence with the People’s Party and the Serb-Catholics of Dubrovnik, as promoted by Supilo’s Crvena Hrvatska.

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Pravo; Đuro Rašica; Dubrovnik periodicals; Crvena Hrvatska; Frano Supilo; Party of Rights; split of the Party of Rights; UDC

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