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Parents' Opinions Regarding the Influence of Music School on the Quality of Student's Life

Ana Popović ; Fakultet za odgojne i obrazovne znanosti, Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku Osijek, Republika Hrvatska
Domagoj Maras ; Glazbena škola Franje Kuhača Osijek Osijek, Republika Hrvatska

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The primary schools in Croatia are currently undergoing the experimental phase of curriculum reform, the so-called "School for Life". The fundamental tendencies of this reform are the reduction of the quantity of factographic and encyclopedic teaching content, the development of student competences and the realization of the preconditions for lifelong learning. Although the position of music and art schools, especially in primary education, is still not clearly defined in the "School for Life", we expect that they will soon have to be included in the reform. The appropriateness of the quantity of subjects, the burden of attending classes and practicing, and the amount of contents planned to be mastered in a particular year of school will certainly be the subject of discussion, and this work aims to investigate the current state of affairs, in order to determine the direction of music school education in the future.
The fundamental question behind our research is whether the students of a music school are overburdened with the obligations that are brought by this additional education, or the engagement of this type brings benefits in terms of better organization of free time, planning of activities, concentration and accountability.
In addition to the analysis of the schedule and the planned burden of teaching in certain primary classes, the focus of our research is also on the parents' opinion on the burden of their children's obligations at the music school and the impact of these burdens on the quality of their children's lives.

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music school; student load; exercise load; students' free time; students' quality of life

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