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What is methodology?

Filip Jelavić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The word "is" in the title emphasizes our desire to look at the methodology from the "inside" and "existentially", and to see what the methodology affirms as a separate and self-contained entity in the system of science, which, as a fundamental subject, deals with intentional and systematically organized learning - education. Two works, published in the space of thirteen years (Epistemological Characteristics of Methods (Milat, 2000) and Methodology in a Contemporary Educational System (Beige, 2013), have been the direct motive behind this text. What they have in common is that they stand for a "more favorable scientific status of methodology" in the educational system. Personally, I am more interested in: What methodology or subject didactics IS, what its scientific and theoretical thinking are, its scientific and professional identity. And here, precisely about this issue, there is a fundamental dispute with the authors of the mentioned texts, who wanted to build the affirmation of methodology with the negation of didactics/pedagogy. We cannot reach the "methodical truth", and open up a space for methodology by devaluating didactics. Actually, devaluation of didactics could lead to it being suffocated and us focusing on what methodology is NOT. This can be seen in teaching which, for example, instead of authentic literary-literary expression, offers the student a fake, without even being aware of it, simply because cognitive, aesthetic, literary and so on basis of a valid evaluation of what happens in teaching, when the "methodical act" has not been didactically valid. Therefore, it is not true that everything lies in methodology. The thought of the essence of methodology has outgrown the "methodology". This has been, in a way, confirmed by the fact of the existence of kinesiological, religious and so on didactics and methodology.

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teaching; learning; education; methodology; subject didactics; general didactics, epistemology; substantive science / profession; general methodology; science; general; special

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