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Applying electrochemical method in the analysis of polysaccharides in seawater

Marta Plavšić ; Institut Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Slađana Strmečki Kos ; Institut Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The paper describes the application of a quick, sensitive electrochemical method called chronopotentiometry with constant current chronopotentiometric stripping (CPS), which has not yet been implemented in analysing natural water and which has enabled the detection of polysaccharides (PSs) in seawater by measuring the catalytic wave of hydrogen. The electrolytic analysis of PSs in the sea was limited since PSs are electro-inactive molecules. The CPS method of electrolytic analysis also enables the determination of other polymeric organic compounds that have catalytically active groups because they enable the development of a catalytic wave of hydrogen, based on which the quantity of this polymeric organic material is determined. It was established that increased biological activity in the sea is related to increased quantity of PSs and other catalytically active compounds. By adapting the conditions of electrolytic analysis, the method can be also applied to the detection of PSs and other polymeric organic compounds in medicinal plant extracts, seaweed secretions and some beverages.

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polysaccharides, polymeric material, seawater, electrochemical methods

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