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The Prophetic Dimension of Art. Potentials of the Spiritual-iberation Principle of Creativity

Ivan Dodlek orcid id ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The article discusses the prophetic dimension of art by using three potentials of the spiritual-liberative principle of creativity. Those are: the potential of the prophetic artistic vision as a transformation of perception, the potential of the prophetic-artistic formation of spirit as a transformation of life of an individual and community, and the potential of the prophetic promise of the future in which the eschatological character of art reveals itself. These potentials of artistic creativity reveal one of the possible answers to the crisis of culture, whose causes ought to be identified with the fundamental spiritual problem of contemporaneity. It is the problem of the relation between personal and supra-personal principle in art and culture that manifests itself as going beyond oneself and into the community, which should not be a step towards becoming faceless (Nikolaj Berdjajev). The article shows that the spiritual-liberative principle of creativity is, since it carries within itself the power of authentic prophetic spirit that is primarily the spirit of transformation, able to preserve an individual (an artist or a recipient of art) from any kind of closeness into himself/herself – in the sense of both individualistic and collective isolation – and open him/her up to universal contents and supra-personal values. Furthermore, the article argues that personal service to suprapersonal goal is possible only as free creative service in which the transmission from living, acting, and creating for oneself to what is bigger than oneself takes place. Such a transmission manifests itself as a realisation of the prophetic spirituality of artistic service (John Paul II) that contributes not only to meaningfulness of each individual, concrete human existence and its integral growth, but also to life and renewal of the social community.

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prophetic dimension of art, spiritual liberative principle of creativity, prophetic artistic vision, prophetic artistic formation and transformation of spirit, eschatological character of art, prophetic dimension of artistic service.

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