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Fixed Colligations in Subordination in Croatian

Goranka Blagus Bartolec orcid id ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, Zagreb

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Fixed multiword structures in Croatian, characterized by constant components and frequency in use, are only systematically described at the syntagmatic level (collocations, multiword terms and multiword names). Colligations as a fixed structures at the level of sentences are only marginally described in the Croatian language (Blagus Bartolec 2014). In foreign literature, the colligations were first mentioned by Firth (1957), which defined them as the structures with firm grammatical and syntactic dependencies within certain categories of words: “The statement of meaning at the grammatical level is in terms of word and sentence classes or of similar categories and of the inter-relation of those categories in colligations.” Siepmann (2005a) and Hoey (2005) describe colligations as structures based on morphosyntactic correlation of the word. In the recent interpretations, especially from the aspect of language teaching, it is pointed out that colligations express the ability of some words to associate with other words and thus form the fixed grammatical structures (Lackman 2016). The paper will describe the structure of colligations in subordination in the function of the main or subordinate clause that appear in written or spoken communication (može se reći da ‘it can be said that’, što god tko mislio / mi mislili o tome ‘whatever anyone thinks / whatever we think’, kad bolje razmislimo / kad se bolje razmisli ‘when you think about it’, postoji mogućnost da ‘there is a possibility that’, kad se sve uzme u obzir ‘when everything is taken into consideration’, kao što znamo / znate ‘as we know / as you know’, kako sada stvari stoje ‘as things stand now’, ono što najprije upadne u oči jest činjenica da ‘what first gets in eyes is the fact that’ etc.). Based on the examples of the colligations taken from the Croatian Collocation Database developed at the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics and corpus hrWaC, their grammatical and lexical structure will be analyzed, as well as their stylistic and usage features with regard to the context in which they appear.

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colligations, Croatian, subordination

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