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Petar Puhmajer ; Hrvatski restauratorski zavod Zagreb
Željko Trstenjak orcid id ; Konzervatorski odjel u Varaždinu

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The renovation of the Keglević Palace in Varaždin was undertaken in two phases
during the last decade. It was an occasion for an overview of all up-to-date
knowledge about its history and architecture. The palace was built for count Josip
Keglević III in 1774-1775 by a Varaždin builder and architect Jakov Erber. The
floor plan of the palace shows a high-baroque space organization, with rooms
grouped on every floor, and concentrated around the central axe, which is a
reflection of the comfortable 18th-century living standards. The research conducted
in 2008 revealed the original characteristics and subsequent changes in
the palace structure, technical aspects of its design, as well as the façade coloring.
The façades boast lavish articulation with three projecting blocks, portal,
balcony, stone and plaster decorations, and was originally painted monochrome
in bright white-pinkish color typical of the rococo period. The renovation works
included structural repairs, restitution of the inner space arrangement, replacement
of the old roof construction, and the restoration of the main façade. It was
done with the utmost care to preserve all relevant historical and architectural
features of the palace.

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architecture, baroque architecture, 18th century, Varaždin, Keglević Palace, Josip Keglević, conservation.

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