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Webrooming: A Way of Dealing with Uncertainties in Purchasing

Vaida Kaduskeviciute orcid id ; Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Sigitas Urbonavicius orcid id ; Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

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Purpose – This study aims to analyze ways in which uncertainty-related factors influence the intention of webrooming, a cross-channel buying behavior. The authors suggest that four factors (uncertainty avoidance, risk aversion, anticipated regret, and the need for touch) differ in their nature and, therefore, may exert different (direct or indirect) influence on the webrooming intention. Design/Methodology/Approach – The SEM analysis was applied to online survey data obtained in Lithuania. Findings and implications – The study confirms that uncertainty avoidance and risk aversion, as quite broadly conceptualized factors, have an indirect influence on the webrooming intention that is mediated by Internet mavenism. As anticipated regret is a more transaction-related factor, its influence on the webrooming intention is direct. Due to its specific nature, the need for touch has both direct and indirect influence on the webrooming intention. These findings contribute to filling the gaps in scientific knowledge in two ways. First, the study makes the first attempt to categorize uncertainty-linked antecedents in webrooming context and then assess the type of influence they exert. Second, it shows the direction and strength of the measured relations in the context of apparel product category. Additionally, it has managerial implications for retailing: cross-channel behavior in this category is largely triggered by uncertainty-related factors. Limitations – Webrooming intention was assessed only in one product category (apparel). Search results should be broadened to include other product categories. Moreover, the uncertainty-related factors of webrooming intention should be tested together with other types of factors that are important for this intention. Originality – The variety of factors used to investigate the influence on webrooming intention is quite broad. This study aims to acknowledge the influence of uncertainty-related factors on webrooming intention. Currently, scientific knowledge on this relationship is rather scarce.

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cross-channel buying; webrooming; uncertainty

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