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Application of low dose computed tomography protocols in pediatric radiology

Bruno Atalić orcid id ; Medicinski fakultet Rijeka, Sveučilište u Rijeci, Hrvatska
Danijela Veljković Vujaklija ; Klinički zavod za radiologiju, Klinički-bolnički centar Rijeka, Hrvatska
Slaven Jurković ; Zavod za medicinsku fiziku i zaštitu od zračenja, Klinički-bolnički centar Rijeka, Hrvatska
Mirko Balić ; Klinički zavod za radiologiju, Klinički-bolnički centar Rijeka, Hrvatska
Goran Roić ; Klinika za dječje bolesti Zagreb, Hrvatska
Damir Miletić ; Klinički zavod za radiologiju, Klinički-bolnički centar Rijeka, Hrvatska

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Due to their small size, numerous cellular divisions of the still growing and developing tissues and organs, as well as a longer life expectancy, children are approximately three times more sensitive to the same doses of ionizing radiation than adults. This is especially the case with the computerized tomography (CT) examinations, which despite making only 17 % of the ionizing radiological examinations, account for as much as 49 % of the total patient irradiation. Because of this, the Image Gently campaign in the early 2010s was thinking about abandoning the CT examinations in pediatric radiology and replacing them with the ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging as the methods of choice. The appearance of Flash CT technology, which simultaneously shortens the recording time and reduces radiation doses, has led to the abandonment of this way of thinking. This is also supported by the fact that, on the one hand, CT examinations are practically irreplaceable in the cases of trauma, while on the other hand, children, as well as members of all the other age groups, are constantly exposed to a smaller or larger amount of the environmental ionizing radiation (Earth, space, airplanes). In this sense, it is increasingly recommended to use the low dose CT (LDCT) techniques individually adapted to each patient, due to their small amount of ionizing radiation. On this track, we have tried to make a review of the latest findings on the mentioned problem based on the scientific papers published over the past three years (2016-2018). They show that the CT examinations are not only abandoned in the pediatric radiology, but that on the contrary, in the cases of numerous indications LDCT examinations make the gold standard.

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abdomen, head, low dose CT, musculoskeletal system, pediatric radiology, thorax

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