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How Was The Glossary of the Russian Avant-garde Molded into Shape? The Avant-garde of anomalies/ the Avant-garde as an Anomaly: on Art in the Revolution and the Revolution of Art

Danijela Lugarić Vukas ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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str. 127-135

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Providing a factual analysis of different aspects of The Glossary of the Russian Avant-garde, the essay ponders the following questions: 1. the primacy of the Zagreb literary and scholarly community in the literary-historical and cultural research of the Russian Avant-garde; 2. ways in which The Glossary dealt with the question vital for the Russian Avant-garde yet complex in itself, that of the mutual dependence of literature and ideology, namely, the aesthetic and the political; 3. the status of the Revolution (the October, the social) in the approaches to the Avant-garde in The Glossary applied diachronically, from the beginning in the “zero-issue” (published in the special issue of the journal “Umjetnost riječi” in 1981) and at the end, in the final, 10th Glossary. The tenth, and unpublished Glossary, which was prepared for publication (fully edited with graphic layout and accompanied by the preface by Aleksandar Flaker) and stored in the otherwise scanty archive of the Institute for Literary Theory, is presented to the public for the first time.

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The Glossary of the Russian Avant-garde; revolution; literature; aesthetics and politics; literature and ideology

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