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The Ancient Sarcophaguses from the Ribnjak Site in Solin

Siniša Bizjak ; Sveučilište u Splitu, Umjetnička akademija
Vinka Marinković ; Hrvatski restauratorski zavod, Split

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During archaeological rescue excavations at
the Ribnjak section of Solin in 2007, a wall structure
composed of large stone blocks and numerous
spolia was found and defined. Immediately after its
discovery, the determination was made that some of
the spolia had indisputable archaeological, historical
and artistic value. Not long thereafter they were
dismounted, followed by their conservation and restoration. Conservation/restoration works, primarily
involving examination of the materials and cleaning
of the stone structures, facilitated a detailed and
precise art-historical and stylistic analysis of these
fragments. The text below provides a brief overview
of the discovered materials, the methodology guiding
the completed conservation and restoration works and
the results and conclusions of the art-historical and
physical-chemical analysis of individual samples.

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Salona, Ribnjak site, sarcophagus, sarcophagus lid, Proconnesian marble, Pentelic marble, conservation/restoration

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