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Ivan Cifrić ; Odsjek za sociologiju, Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The author analyses the results of an empiric opinion pool research, carried out on the representative probabilistic sample of 1202 respondents, during the year 2004, on the territory of the Republic of Croatia. The research of the perception of social and economic development and environmental protection has been carried out with an instrument consisting of 11 units (assertions), to which a scale of dis/agreement consisting of five degrees has been added. The techniques of univariate and multivariate statistics have been applied.
Factor analysis under the component model pointed out three factors: the first, ‘rigorous penalties in environmental protection’, the second, ‘the advantage of economy over environmental protection’ and the third, ‘undiluted environment and the silence of mass media’. The connection (bivariate correlation) with factors obtained by other two instruments has been analysed: ‘socio-environmental orientation’ and ‘environmental concern’. The analysis of these correlations has shown that: (1) the connection between these two factors and the three factors of socio-environmental orientations has been established. To the first factor (‘rigorous penalties in environmental protection’) ‘eccentric’ oriented respondents are relatively more inclined, to the second one (‘the advantage of economy over environmental protection’) more inclined are those that are ‘anthropocentric’ and to the third one (‘undiluted environment and the silence of mass media’) those that are ‘techno-centric’ oriented; (2) the connection with the factors of ‘environmental concern’ has also been established. The respondents that more incline to the first (‘rigorous penalties in environmental protection’) and the third (‘undiluted environment and the silence of mass media’) factor are both inclined to the opinion that ‘new environmental problems’ cause concern, and the respondents that incline to the second factor (‘the advantage of economy over environmental protection’) equally incline to hold ‘classic’ and ‘new’ environmental problems as those that cause concern.

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environment, socio-environmental orientation, media

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