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Patricius’s Argument on Integrality in the Context of Contemporary Psychology

Luka Janeš ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Sveučilišni centar za integrativnu bioetiku, Ivana Lučića 1a, HR–10000 Zagreb

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In this paper, I consider Patricius’s argument on integrality laid out in “Pampsychia”, least researched book belonging to Nova universis philosophia (1591), in comparison with the notions, methodologies and pragmatic reach of the contemporary science of human psyche. I attempted to determine can the argument correspond to the methodological instrument of psychology or the relation is disjunctive, that is, in animosity. I emphasise Patricius’s reflection on the mindcenteredness of the soul while trying to point at the dynamic and dialectical character of the psyche phenomenon as the fundamental determinant of Patricius’s psycho­ontology and the importance of implementing philosophical reflection into the mental health system framework, as a precondition for the holistic, integrative approach to the problem.

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Franciscus Patricius; Pampsychia; soul; behaviourism; pluriperspectivism; psychology; psycho-ontology; phenomenology; Carl Gustav Jung; collective unconsciousness

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