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Josip Bach’s Contribution to Croatian Cultural and Theatre Life

Ivan Peklić ; Zavod za znanstvenoistraživački i umjetnički rad Koprivničko-križevačke županije, Križevci, Hrvatska

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Based on the previously published literature, recent archive sources and articles from newspaper and magazines this paper presents research outcomes of life path of Croatian actor, director, commissary and theatre worker. His life is presented starting with his birth in Gospić, followed by his moving to other towns due to his father’s work until his arrival to Zagreb. The paper describes Bach’s education in Miletić’s school and his professional education in Vienna and Prague. He is depicted as principal of theatre administration starting in 1920 until his retirement in 1924, after which he was subsequently reactivated as professor of acting school (1925) and in 1926 he once again assumed the position of principal of theatre administration. Special emphasis is placed on his presiding over Drama department from 1931 to 1934, when he leaves that duty because of his medical condition. Theatre reviews provided an insight into his work as theatre actor in the period from 1903 to 1920, whereas the research aimed at establishing to which extent he was merely an epigone of Stjepan Miletić and whether he managed to be creative on his own. The paper also displays the influence of Croatian modern literature on his work, as well as the influence of his unrestrained temperament. The last chapter of this paper to the full extent displays his conflict with Miroslav Krleža. The conflict is described in several segments covering its artistic, historical, purely physical and political aspects.

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Josip Bach; Miroslav Krleža; Croatian National Theatre; drama; direction.

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