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The Gundulić Summer Residence

Frano Kesterčanek

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Ivan Marinov Gundulić, member of a distinguished Ragusan patrician
family, built an imposing summer residence on Gruž as a status symbol. Based upon archival sources, this paper traces the biographical data, social affairs, and relations pertaining to the owners of the residence between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries. Despite Gundulić’s words ofwarning in his testament, being epitomized in those of Tobit (multa bona habuerimus, quis Deum timuerimus), upon his death the residence became the object of exhaustive
conflicts over its inheritance. Eventually, ownership was handed down to the Pucić family, and subsequently the Radić and Birimiša families. Finally, the residence came under the possession of the Kesterčanek family, its current owners.

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Gundulić family, summer residence, Gruž, Dubrovnik

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