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Diocletian’s Palace in Split - A Monument of the Tetrarchy

Ivana Jadrić-Kučan ; Sveučilište u Zadru

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str. 371-385

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str. 371-385

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From the time of Diocletian, an emperor would become a god from the moment he took power, and everything connected with him was sacred, even the duties of members of the imperial court, the imperial palace, which from then on was called palatium sacrum. Then, closely connected with the imperial cult and the tetrarchic ceremonies, was the whole iconographic concept of spatial disposition. Inside Diocletian’s Palace there was a space laid out where the subjects would express their respect for the imperial person, the Vestibule and the Peristyle, with the Protiron on one hand, and the imperial mausoleum and the so called small prostyle temple on the other, which reflect the religious programme of the time.The tetrarchic character is visible on all the doors of the palace, which, probably because of the shortage of time, are devoid of any architectural or sculptural decoration.

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