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Fante della gustizia vecchia: Juraj Ivanov from Split – a distinguished Croatian immigrant in Venice during 16th century

Lovorka Čoralić orcid id ; Hrvatski institut za povijest, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The period of 16th century was marked by the most intense Croatian migrations across the Adriatic. Venice was the most often destination of Croats who came from the continental Croatia (Požega), from Dalmatia, Istria and present day Montenegrian seacoast. During the 16th century many of them distinguished themselves as benefactors of the Croatian confraternity of St George and Tripun. Using the archival documents from the State archives in Venice (register of testaments) the article follows the life of Juraj Ivanov from Split. He was a state official, a policeman in the Venetian municipal authority Gustizia Vecchia. Using the available documents connected with Juraj Ivanov and written between 1542 and 1558 it is possible to gain information about his property, relations with his family and relatives, connections with other Croats who lived in Venice and St George and Tripun confraternity as well as his contacts with religious institutions in Venice. Juraj Ivanov’s papers are interesting because they show that he often used different titles for various persons and institutions. His connections with compatriots are also interesting for historical research. In the last addition to his testament, in 1558, he left the most valuable part of his property, land estate in Lorenzaga near Motta di Livenza (Venetian terraferma) to St George and Tripun confraternity. This land was property of St George and Tripun confraternity until 1920-ies. The Confraternity rented the land to families from Motta di Livenza and the income from that land undoubtedly presented the important part of its financial funds. Juraj from Split was certainly one of the distinguished Croats who lived and worked in Venice during the 16th century.

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Dalmatia; Spalato; Venetian Republic; Venice; migrations

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