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Development and optimisation of curing temperature of energy-efficient geopolymer bricks

Rupali B. Kejkar
Swapnil P. Wanjari

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Present study focuses on development of a sustainable geopolymer brick in which the use of fly ash is maximised and the concentration of an alkaline solution without cement is reduced, in order to reduce environmental burden and carbon emissions. The geopolymer bricks were developed using the Class F fly ash with 2 to 4 Molar alkaline solution. The bricks were cured for one hour at temperatures ranging from 100 to 600°C. The compressive strength of such bricks amounts to 10.2 MPa and was achieved in the 4-Molar alkaline solution at the curing temperature of 400°C. The geopolymer bricks exhibit crystalline structure and good thermal insulation properties.

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geopolymer brick, fly ash, alkaline solution, curing temperature, physicomechanical properties

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