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The terminology of word formation

Branko Kuna orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Osijeku, Osijek, Hrvatska

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str. 165-182

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The terminology of word formation in the Croatian language is relatively stable and has not undergone serious changes since not many linguists have been concerned with this level of language description. More than analysing some minor changes of terminology, this paper discusses those terms whose denotation has not been clearly limited by the descriptive characteristics or the cases which do not have clear hierarchy and discretion in related terms such as sufiks–završetak–nastavak. The analysis of the terminology of semantic groups which make up the formation units of the similar or the same meaning such as radna imenica-glagolska imenica has shown significant differences, and therefore, such terms might be confusing and misleading.

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suffix; infix; single and multi-word terms; Croatian and foreign terms; terminological changes

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