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Science and Poetry. The Notion of New Mythology in Schelling’s Philosophy

Denis Novko ; Preloška 1c, HR–42000 Varaždin

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The necessary relation of philosophy and poetry in Schellingʼs philosophy is most clearly visible in the way he attributes the aesthetic function to philosophy in his work System of transcendental idealism. For Schelling, poetry is what precedes science, which, in terms of the system of science, must in its circular motion return at its completion to what it came from. What leads science to the return to poetry can be found, according to Schelling, in nature and in the way that it is organised. The organisation in nature was in ancient philosophy portrayed through poetic expression in the form of stories. For Schelling, the mythological form is therefore the middle ground, which leads to the return of science to poetry.

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Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling; mythology; poetry; art; science; imagination; nature; organization; symbol; synthesis

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