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Croatian Cyrillic manuscripts in the Manuscript and Old Book Collection Fund at the National and University Library in Zagreb

Ivan Kosić

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Among the Latin, Glagolitic and Arabic manuscripts in the Manuscript and Old Book Collection Fund of the National and University Library in Zagreb there are Cyrillic manuscripts on parchment and paper written in the Old Church Slavonic Cyrillic, Croatian Cyrillic as well as the modern Cyrillic script. This article covers only the manuscripts written in Croatian Cyrillic while the codices of the Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian redaction are only listed in the chronological order of their origin. Benjo Conev, a Bulgarian, was the first who has surveyed the Cyrillic manuscripts in the Collection. Some new manuscripts were surveyed by Josip Badalić and Marijan Stojković, while Vladimir Mošin systematically worked on almost all of the manuscripts. In 1979, Šime Jurić finished the complete manuscript data base in the Fund, and his first volume of the Catalogue was published in 1991 where the manuscripts are listed from 1 to 4430, or according to call numbers from R 3001 to R 7946. He has described all the manuscripts in details (the date and time of their origin was identified, material description was presented: number of leaves or pages and their proportions) the subsequent notes were transferred, and the more relevant literature was presented as well as the way they were acquired by the National and University Library. The Croatian Cyrillic manuscripts in the Collection Fund are not separated and according to their content they can be classified as follows: coat of arms documents, lexicographic manuals, books on medicine, prayer books, notary records (charters, registries, bills, official correspondence), novels, statutes and miscellanies. Many fragments, copies and transcripts are incorporated into the bequests of Dimitrije Demeter, Ljudevit Gaj and Vatroslav Jagić. The fragments are of various forms and were used mainly in book binding and book cover coating. The transliteration from Cyrillic into Latin script was done according to suggestions of professionals from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb, the Old Church Slavonic Institute and the Institute of the Croatian Language and Linguistics: some character signs were used that do not exist in the Croatian graphic system with the application of the principle: a character sign for a character sign.

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Croatian Cyrillic script; manuscripts; Department of the Manuscripts and Rare Books; National and University Library Zagreb

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