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Stjepan Gradić's Opinions on Some Questions in Mathe­matics

Zdravko Faj

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Stjepan Gradić (1613—1683), born in Dubrovnik, was an erudite with very wide interests. He was concerned with problems in mathematics and the author analyzes some notes from his manuscript »Quaedam meditationes Geometricae diversis temporibus a me Stephano Gradio factae«, conserved in Vatican library, codex Vat. lat. 6921.
He cooperated with some of the most eminent Italian mathematicians. In solving the problem of the surface of parabola he asked Torricelli for the opinion, most probably with help of a friend. He showed a great interest for the works of M. Getaldić, especially for the one called »De resolutione et compositione mathematica«. In the atmosphere where the antique geometry was much more appreciated, Gradić was one of the rare scientists who emphasized
the value of Vieta species and the algebraic analysis. He worked together with V. Viviani on restoration of the ancient Greek geometrician Aristaeus’s works. Stjepan Gradić also contributed to Ricci's work »Geometrica exercitatio«, though Ricci did not entirely accept Gradić's remarks.
Although his contribution was mostly in acceptance of progressive tendencies, it has to be stressed that he played an important role in his environment. His contribution should also be observed in relation to the surroundings where he came from, for the most of his energy and strength he addressed to the interests of the Dubrovnik Republic.

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Stjepan Gradić, mathematics

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