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Teleological and axiological foundations of education in light of education reform in Croatia

Ante Vukasović orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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This essay deals with the meaning, purpose, ideals in education (a teleological issue) and values in education (an axiological issue) - the primary and fundamental questions inherent in the act of child-rearing and the science of pedagogy. The debate is divided into four parts. The first section deals with definitions of the following concepts: man, child-rearing, values, pedagogy, their interconnection and interdependence. That which, in essence, is characteristic of man is his consciousness and his conscience, and the equilibrium and harmonious interplay between these. Education as the process of human edification falls into the values category. Values, being the milestones of the spirit, render life meaningful and set the limits between good and evil. Pedagogy, the science of education as a value, must necessarily be a descriptive-normative science.
Part two elaborates the two main issues of meaning and values, and these are teleological and axiological issues. The author outlines their appearance and progression in the fields of philosophy and pedagogy where they emerge as pedagogical teleology and pedagogical axiology. He refers to the classic J.A. Komenský who in the 17th century already singled out and examined the issue of teleology and axiology in education.
In the third section we are given a view of society. In view of prevalent sociological symptoms which are: the crisis in morality, depreciation of values, the affirmation of science accompanied by moral degradation, abuse of science, freedom, manipulation of people, an increase in violence and crime in general, we must conclude that contemporary society is morally diseased and in need of healing.
Part four seeks out solutions. The way out of the crisis lies in an all-encompassing spiritual renewal, a moral and educational metamorphosis. However, a renewal and transformation of this sort demands that teachers-educators be trained in methods which will facilitate the achievement of educational goals. The impetus and models for such activities can be found in the wealth of success achieved in Croatia between two World Wars owing to the educational-values goals which had been set at that time, a process which was interrupted and rejected by the Communist ideology, and today seeks to be rehabilitated. The author's concluding thought is: «Protection of youth, reaffirmation of education, values and goals in education: these are our most vital socio-pedagogical tasks and the pedagogical imperative of Croatia!».

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spiritual renewal, teaching methods in child-rearing, moral transformation, morally diseased society, education, educational crisis, the purpose of education, education ideals, pedagogy, pedagogical axiology, pedagogical-values heritage, theory of educati

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