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The influence of ripening process on moisture in fat-free matter and fat content of the Trappist cheese

Slavko Kirin ; "Sirela", V. Sredice 11, 43000 Bjelovar

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In this paper the influence of ripening proces on moisture in fat-free matter and fat content of Trappist cheese has been investigated. In dairy company (Lura, Bjelovar) the natural ripening process of rind Trappist cheese occurs. Afterwards, the cheese is packaged into shrinkable plastic pouch and the rindless cheese is produced. The obtained results are statistically processed. The above mentioned ripening process has a significant influence on moisture content of the fat-free matter and is 5.34 % higher for the Trappist cheese in plastic pouch in comparison to rind Trappist cheese, while the fat content is 6.13 higher for the rind Trappist cheese.

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moisture content, fat content, traditional ripening, ripening in the plastic pouch

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