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Teaching Methods in Education of Healthcare Workers

Ana Debeljak De Martini ; Srednja škola Pakrac, Pakrac, Hrvatska
Renato Ristić ; Srednja škola Pakrac, Pakrac, Hrvatska
Jasminka Potočnjak ; OB „Dr. Tomislav Bardek”, Koprivnica, Hrvatska

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str. 297-304

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Education of healthcare workers through formal teaching is often conducted “ex catedra”, where the lecturer conveys the knowledge while students are the listeners. During the course, healthcare students have to overmaster digital skills in order to be as efficient as possible in doing their work. Due to that, the teaching process needs to be modern and of good quality.

Aim of the research: Contentment with the teaching methods, proficiency with the contemporary tools in teaching process, as well as the level of motivation of students and healthcare workers with completed formal education, have to be examined through surveys.

Methods: An anonymous survey was conducted among 531 examinees. For the purpose of the research, structured questionnaire was constituted. It was created according to the principle of the 5-point Likert scale. The survey consists of social-demographic dates (gender, age, place of education, level of education), statements for estimating the motivation, as well as statements for evaluating teaching process. 23 examinees are still in the process of high school education (4,33%), 179 examinees completed medical high school (33,71%), 106 examinees are students who still attend faculty of medicine (19,96%), 170 examinees are bachelors (32,02%), 18 examinees graduated (3,39%) and 35 examinees won a master’s degree (6,59%).

Results: The research has shown that claims about motivation regarding lecture attendance have been graded with an average mark 3,39 (interesting and encouraging lectures, I attend because I have to etc.)

Claims concerning proficiency with the contemporary tools and their appliance in the process of teaching have been graded with the average of 1,49 (Schoology, Kahoot and others.)

Conclusion: From the conducted survey, there could be drown a conclusion that there exists the necessity for modernisation and adjustment of the teaching methods concerning new generations of students. By introducing contemporary teaching tools, teaching process will be more modern and creative, which will increase motivation for studying and participating in the teaching process.

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education, teaching methods, motivation

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