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A Contribution On the Pirracy in the Adriatic Sea in the 17th Century (Dubrovnik and Marche Among Turkish Pirates)

Josip Luetić

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The piracy in the 17th century was a component part of the Turkish-Venetian warfare. Turkish piratical ships made attacks on the inhabitants of Marche, robed them and captured them. Dubrovnik was the main mediator in releasing the captives of Marche from the Turkish captivity. Dubrovnik acting for releasing the inhabitants of Marche is one new stone in the mosaic of their relationship, it proves and completes the versatility of constant and lasting long perfect relationship between Dubrovnik and Marche.
Dubrovnik was also attacked by pirates, but Dubrovnik Republic resisted successfully with her military and well organized maritime services.
The author concluded that never before or after that period there were in the Dubrovnik Republic so well organized military organization with so many actions against pirates and hajduci.
Dubrovnik citizens did a lot against pirates and robbers. It gave safety and security to all merchants, ship owners and sailors who carried various goods from the east and west through the busiest maritime route (Dubrovnik — Ancona — Dubrovnik).
The author gives some news from archives about war conditions in the 17th century in the Adriatic sea. The main political purpose of the Dubrovnik government of that period was to save the state integrity and to defend and protect their state territory, their sea coast and that very important maritime trade way, which was the real »žila kucavica« the most frequent route for the exchanging goods between the East and West.

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