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On the Seamen from Pelješac from the Fisković family from the 18th and to the Beginning of the 19th Centuries

Vinko Ivančević

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Pelješac, specially its southwest part with its centre in Orebić, always gave a lot of seamen of all categories from common sailors to captains to Dubrovnik mercantile Marine. The Fisković Family must be pointed out because of that. In this article the author describes their activity in the period between the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, i. e. to the end of the Dubrovnik Republic. But the Fiskovićs were found as seamen before and after the above period.
They crossed the whole Mediterranean sea and even the Black sea. They even navigated on the Indian ocean to the island of Reunion and on the Atlantic ocean to America. During the Spanish-French war with Great Britain their ships carried the food-stuff from Lisboa to Brest. When Napoleon invaded Italy one of them conveyed the Sardinian king from Livorno to Cagliari and for that he was given a written testimonial and presents. They invested the money earned in naval affairs in ships. They had their shares ins hips where they were and where they were not captains. Cash money was at their disposal as well, so the three members of the family are among the subscribers of the state loan from 1799.
The author availed the data mainly out of the historical archives in Dubrovnik and some out of the published literature for his writing. There is a short survey of the history and the genealogical family tree of the Fisković from 1560 to 1900 which is written by Nenad Vekarić.

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Pelješac, seamen, family Fisković

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