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How to Translate the African Francophone Literature – on the Croatian Translation of Gauz’s Novel Debout-Payé

Jasmina Tatar Anđelić ; Filološki fakultet Univerziteta Crne Gore

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The article analyzes the Croatian translation of the novel Debout-payé by the Ivorian writer Gauz with special reference to the translation of implicit ideological messages. In the novel modern French society is presented from the prism of an African immigrant in a simple, yet quite layered language. For Gauz and his heroes, rethinking and interpreting history is a way to better understand the moment in which they live, and there is no doubt that in a given case the key moment is colonization as a product of capitalism and consumerist worldview. The boldness of Gauz's linguistic procedure is mostly reflected in ideologically colored vocabulary, morphological inventiveness, phonetic finesse, and an almost poetic use of homonymy and dramatic expression. Taking into account all these aspects, our analysis shows that the Croatian translation in most cases successfully met these requirements, thus contributing to the translation of Debout-payé deserving the status of a literary event in Croatia, just as in France. Thanks, among other things, to a similar historical and ideological experience, a significant number of conceptual associations has been successfully transferred into Croatian without excessive insistence on foreign terms or unnecessary concessions to the audience’s taste such as ethnocentrism or localization.

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translation; Francophony; ideology; Gauz; Debout-payé

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