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Idiom Variations in Online Dictionaries

Jelena Parizoska orcid id ; Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Ivana Filipović Petrović orcid id ; Zavod za lingvistička istraživanja Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti

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This paper gives an overview of the lexicographic treatment of idiom variations in the Online Dictionary of Croatian Idioms (under development), which is compiled using the hrWaC corpus. In this dictionary, different types of variations (lexical, syntactic and derived forms) are listed in the same entry because they share the same conceptual core. This reflects the Cognitive Linguistic approach to idioms: variations are viewed as expressions of different conceptualizations of the same situation, and may therefore display differences in lexis, structure, meaning and usage. Furthermore, variant forms of an idiom may be at different levels of conventionality, which is why they are arranged within the entry according to the frequency of occurrence in hrWaC. Such treatment of idiom variations reflects real usage and provides dictionary users with complete and precise information on the different forms and meanings of idioms in modern Croatian.

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idiom variations; online dictionary; corpus; Croatian

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