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Sisak 1990 - 1991: war crimes against Serbs

Tihomir Ponoš orcid id ; Arhiv Srba u Hrvatskoj

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The article describes war crimes committed against Serb civilians in Sisak during the 1991 war. It describes the circumstances and events that turned the multiethnic environment of Sisak into a place of death for more than a hundred Serb civilians. It also describes the aggravation of the political situation in Banija and Croatia in the period from the 1990 elections until the outbreak of the war, and as part of that it analyzes in more detail the aggravation and the policy of confrontation and separatism led by the SDS. It analyzes the role of the state in the liquidation of Serbs, especially the police and police units involved in the abduction and liquidation of Serbs, and the slowness and inefficiency of the judiciary in prosecuting perpetrators.

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Serbs, Sisak, war crimes, Wolves, killings, abduction

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