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Results of the archaeological excavations of the site AN 2 Beli Manastir – Popova Zemlja

Dženi Los ; Kaducej d.o.o., Split, Hrvatska

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The site of AN 2 Beli Manastir – Popova Zemlja was excavated in 2014 and 2015 on the route of the future section of the A5 motorway from Osijek to Beli Manastir. Two horizons were identified, one from antiquity and the other from prehistory. The horizon of antiquity, dated to the 3rd century, is associated with two kilns for producing bricks, a child’s grave, and buried pits with finds. The prehistoric horizon contains numerous buried pits and ditches, particularly large-size pit structures, as well as graves with the dead in a curled position and a ditch regulating the water flow, which dominates the space because of its size and spread. On the basis of analogue examples of fragments of pottery and ornaments and the results of the analysis of skeleton remains by the 14C method, prehistoric life at the site went on through the Neolithic and Eneolithic cultures.

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settlement; structures; graves; kilns; Neolithic; Eneolithic; Antiquity

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