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Nova Bukovica – Sjenjak in 2019

Saša Kovačević orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In Nova Bukovica near Slatina, at the Sjenjak location, there is an archaeological site with two prehistoric settlement horizons. In the first millennium BC, the same site was chosen twice for the building of a settlement: in the Late Bronze Age and in the Late Iron Age. The settlement structures of the Urnfield culture are closely intertwined with those of the La Tene culture. Although relatively simple, vertical stratigraphy has been greatly affected by severe site damage caused by intense farming. The vulnerability of the site – which is literally disappearing before our eyes under the recently renewed onslaught of land consolidation and professional agriculture – and the exceptional quality of mobile and fixed archaeological finds, persistently motivate the Institute of Archaeology in its efforts to explore the site as much as possible and to save from oblivion at least some of the material culture of the inhabitants of the settlement. The archaeological excavations in Nova Bukovica fit perfectly into the Strategy of the Scientific Activities of the Institute, under the subheading Material Culture in Social Context.

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western Slavonia; River Drava; prehistoric settlements; Late Bronze Age; Late Iron Age

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