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On the archaeological excavations of the chapel of the Knights Hospitaller at the site of Pakrac – Stari Grad in 2019

Juraj Belaj orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In June and July 2019, the Institute of Archaeology undertook the third campaign of archaeological excavations at the site of Pakrac – Stari Grad, focusing on the found remains of the Gothic chapel of the Knights Hospitaller that used to stand in the courtyard of their town or, earlier, within their domus. Remains of two basic phases of the construction of the chapel have been identified. In the first, early Gothic phase, a single-nave chapel measuring around 16 x 6.5 m was built of finely worked stone. It had four pairs of half-pillars that supported a cross-ribbed vault. An adjacent spindle staircase was built at the same time; also, traces of a sacrarium were observed in the east wall. The almond-sectioned design of the vault ribs and the base of the half-pillars date this phase to the first half of the 13th century. In the second, late Gothic phase of the chapel, the walls were thickened on the outside, which made them approximately two times thicker, and a cylindrical tower was added to the east of the chapel. A new portal was built around the year 1500. The chapel, especially its eastern part, seems to have been badly damaged before that renovation, maybe even demolished and rebuilt, but we will have to verify this assumption in future campaigns. Several graves and tombs were uncovered in the chapel. Most of the dead who were the last to be buried there seem to have been exhumed when the chapel was abandoned.

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Pakrac; the military orders; Knights Hospitaller; Gothic architecture; chapel; cylindrical tower; Late Middle Ages; graves

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