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Topography and reambulation of the Žumberak mountain range

Luka Štefan orcid id ; Zagreb, Hrvatska
Sebastijan Stingl orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Tomislav Čanković orcid id ; Zagreb, Hrvatska
Jelena Maslać orcid id ; Zagreb, Hrvatska
Sanja Sekulić ; Zagreb, Hrvatska
Maja Mrvelj orcid id ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The Žumberak mountain range is not sufficiently archaeologically explored. Few past research activities, which covered all time periods since prehistory to the present day indicate that there is still much room for improvement. For that reason, the project named Topography and reambulation of the Žumberak mountain range was created, with the goal of locating potential archaeological sites. The project started with an examination of satellite imagery, old maps, and land registers in order to find potential sites which were divided in three major groups according to their position. This was followed by a field survey, which observed several interesting sites, the most promising ones being toponyms Oranica – Groblje and the sites of Stupe – St. Tricze near Cernik, Archangel Brezie near Tihočaj, and the plateau above the church in the village of Sv. Marija pod Okićem. These toponyms stand out because of their extremely favorable strategic positions and the finds discovered during the site survey which suggest human presence during long time periods.

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Žumberak mountain range; topography; reambulation; field survey

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