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Accession of Slovenia to NATO, Yes or No: Game Frame of Report about Polls in Slovene Daily Newspapers

Karmen Erjavec

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How did Slovenian daily newspapers report the polls results during the
decision-making process for the referendum on accession to NATO? A framing
analysis was used to find an answer to this question. News frame combines
a pragmatic, semantic and syntactic dimension, serving as internalised guides
for information processing, and as it conveys thematically consonant meanings
constructed from and embodied in the concepts, keywords, metaphors, symbols,
and other lexical or visual elements of a given news discourse. The journalists
of the Slovenian daily newspapers Delo, Dnevnik and Večer formed the
message of the polls regarding the admission of Slovenia to NATO in a competitive
frame, or in other words, they channeled all the attention toward the
search for the answer to the question of which side is taking the lead in the referendum
battle. Mladina and Mag partially covered the referendum campaign
in a strategic frame. They added to the competitive frame by searching for the
answer to the question of which strategy was chosen by the winning or the
losing side. The strategic frame for the coverage of political campaigns leads
to media coverage of political campaigns, in which case form is more important
than content; furthermore, it leads to the industry of media events and to
oversimplification of journalistic story.

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Slovenia, NATO, public opinion, media coverage of political campaigns, Slovene press

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