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Enemy at the Gates? Or How Students of Law from Four Largest Croatian Cities Perceive Refugees and Migrants from the Middle East

Marko Mrakovčić orcid id ; Sveučilište u Rijeci, Pravni fakultet, Hrvatska
Margareta Gregurović orcid id ; Institut za migracije i narodnosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In this paper the authors analyse the attitudes of law students towards migrants from the
Middle East and refugees in the Republic of Croatia. Survey was conducted in 2019 at four
Croatian faculties of law: in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Osijek (N=667). The conceptual framework
was primarily based in conflict theories, i.e., group threat theory and integrated threat
theory. The aim of the study was to analyse how students of law perceive migrants from the
Middle East and refugees in Croatia, and whether they consider them to be a real or symbolic
threat to Croatia and EU countries. The paper also examines differences in attitudes among
students of different sociodemographic and sociocultural characteristics. The results showed
that political orientation, degree of (non)religiosity and cities from which respondents come
are significantly related to students’ attitudes towards migrants and refugees. It has also been
determined that there is a significant correlation between the attitudes towards refugees in the
Republic of Croatia and the general attitudes of respondents towards migrants from the Middle
East. The strongest, positive effect on these attitudes had the readiness for closeness and
cultural openness towards refugees and lack of perception that refugees pose potential or real
threat to society in which they are moving to.

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migrants, refugees, threat perception, attitudes, students of law

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