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Anthroponymy in Register of Baptisms of the Parish of Lovran (1820-1860)

Mateja Fumić Bistre orcid id

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Registers of baptisms are source for historical, sociological, onomastic, historical linguistic, even a medical researches, and by constant work on digitalisation of Croatian archival materials, they are easily accessible. One of those quality sources for anthroponomastic researches is a website Family Search ( It is a base of easily accessible registers of baptisms, marriages and deaths which is founded by Genealogical Society of Utah. This paper analyses first names and family names in the register of baptisms of the parish of Lovran from January 2, 1820 to January 1, 1860. This paper tries to continue researching anthroponyms of Lovran area which has already been partly analysed from other sources.

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Lovran, register of baptisms, first name, anthroponymy, Croatian language

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