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From the Secularisation of Religion to the Revitalisation of Religion

Vlaho Kovačević orcid id ; Sveučilište u Splitu, Filozofski fakultet, Poljička cesta 35, HR–21000 Split

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This paper aims to pave the way for religion’s potential revitalisation – outside of the ideological concept of the dialectics of contemporary society and within the historical context of the specific meaning of the secularisation of religion. Accordingly, in its understanding of religion, this paper’s discussion necessarily remains beyond the dialectics of secularity, since religion is not dependent on that kind of dialectics, but on the Sacred and its comprehension. Without the Sacred, we would be in a situation of ‘reoccurring of the same’, as a result of which contemporary modern ideologies would negatively influence the life of the individual. The aforementioned then points to the need for multi-dimensional theoretical approaches resulting from the intricate social circumstances and various development courses of individual religions in the contemporary world. In this way the theoretical approaches to religion in contemporary society, primarily analysed based on prevalent theories of functionalism, phenomenology and the neo-Weberian tradition, exhibit diverse paradigms in their different explanations of the secularisation and revitalisation of religion.

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secularisation, religion, the Sacred, rationalisation, disenchantment, Max Weber, sociology of religion

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