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Ivana Stanić ; Sveučilište Sjever, Koprivnica, Hrvatska
Ivana Bektaš ; Davizo Ltd., Zagreb, Hrvatska
Silvija Hinek ; Dom za starije i nemoćne, Đakovo, Hrvatska

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Communication is a process of information exchange between stakeholders, so it is not surprising that the life of each individual changes with time under the influence of information. Information, as part of our habit, enables the individual to be more agile in both everyday living and business sphere. One of the significant impacts on the process of receiving and processing information is the appearance of the Internet. The aim of this paper is to show that it is the Internet that has increased the flow of information that a person can absorb and that the internet affects the changes in society. Furthermore, the paper suggests that information overload is increasing at work and out of work, which is reflected and influences everyday life. Due to the flood of information, there is also a sense of information fatigue, which represents a syndrome, i.e. apathy, indifference and mental exhaustion resulting from exposure to too much information. /1/ Based on the research on a sample of 164 respondents, this paper confirmed hypothesis that information anxiety differs with age. Since the internet occupies an increasingly important role among its users, features of application are indicated. An explicit indicator is the synergy of the internet usage and possessing knowledge regarding ICT application.

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information, information anxiety, the internet, changes between generations

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