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The impact of the library on communication trends and media literacy

Irena Kiss orcid id ; Škola za turizam, ugostiteljstvo i trgovinu Pula

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Lifelong education means a permanent process that prepares for professions, which result from requirements of the tehnological development and concrete needs of a society. Along with labor it makes a field in which forming a judgement about some human characteristics has a great meaning not only in the life of an individual but also for the whole society. Besides requirements in regard of motivation and capabilities of a person for a Lifelong Learning, tendencies of communication and economic changes and requirements of labour market, trend obsolescence of knowledge and ability, media education, are taken into consideration. Attitudes on current communication trends is the topic of a survey conducted among 142 final-year high school graduates and adult education retraining program participants. The results of the research pointed to a significantly lower proportion of classical forms compared to more dynamic net communication, and to the consequences of rapid information exchange in terms of difficult verbal expression. It is concluded that each developmental phase of society and the individual represents a new challenge for librarians and libraries.

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lifelong learning, labour market, media education, communication trends, libraries

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