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Influence of endurance training on the results of Conconi test

Anton Ušaj ; Fakulteta za Sport, Univerza v Ljubljani, Ljubljana, Slovenija

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The goal of this research has been to analyse the heart-rate changes (FS) in Conconi test, these changes being the consequence of endurance training in cross-country skiers. As we know, the endurance training reduces the heart-rate in conditions of the same load, but increases the running speed at the deflection threshold vd. So far, it has not been established how the heart-rate in this test changes during preparation stage of cross-country skiers, who apply three different types of load in their training: athletic running, roller and cross-country skiing, and it would be useful to know whether it is possible to use the Conconi test in order to assess the current fitness status of cross-country skiers. Seven trained cross-country skiers: 4 juniors and 3 seniors participated in the experiment in the period between June and January. Each of them has been tested by means of Conconi test once a month. The training in this period has significantly influenced and vd in seniors from 4.6 + 0.1 m/s in June to 4.9 + O01 m/s in September, and fluctuated at the same level till January, when vd increased to 5.2 + 0.1 m/s. In juniors the vd kinetics was initially different. The increase of the initial speed from 4.3 + 0.1 m/s up to 49 + 0.1 m/s in September is expressed later than in seniors, although their training sessions were very similar, the volume of the training of juniors being 15% smaller; vd fluctuated at this level till January when it reached its highest values of 5.0 + 0.2 m/s. The heart-rate, at the vd has practically not changed during the whole experimental period and fluctuated at the level of 175 l/min. Running speed vd is sensitive enough to changes of endurance, which is compatible with the original Conconi results. Predictors are the running speed at 170 l/min and the heart-rate at 4m/s. Still there is the question of the possible mechanisms of this very phenomenon and of the heart rate (FSd) which does not change, although there are changes in endurance.

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heart-rate, Conconi test, deflection, training, endurance, cross-country skiing

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