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Correlation between evaluation variables of speed when running with the ball and the evaluation of efficiency of football players

Željko Ivković ; Osijek

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This research has been conducted on the sample of 51 physical education students, who have been the active lower quality football players. The basic goal of this research was to establish the correlation of situation-related motor tests for the speed of running with the ball and the evaluation of efficiency of football players, given by qualified objective observers. The correlation between the two groups of variables has been established by means of the quasicanonical analysis. We have obtained a very important canonical dimension, that carries in itself a significant amount of common information of the two groups of variables. The quasicanonical dimension in the area of situation-related motor tests is the capability of fast running with the ball, including the changes of direction. The same dimension in the area of evaluation of efficiency during the game is defined by variables that are the result of successful attack situations, making use of the rational technique during the creative realization of technical and tactical tasks. The results of this research lead to the conclusion that the football players will be able to successfully fulfil the situation-related motor tasks that appear during the attack (technique, tactics, creativity), they will be able to change the direction quickly when running with the ball without losing control over the ball and the control over realizing situation-related motor tasks, both during the attack and during running with the ball together with the changes of direction, with the constant presence of both feedback information and disturbances. Information processes, with predominant specific regulation processes, represent the common basis.

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football, speed of running with the ball, efficiency quasicanonical correlation analysis

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