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Marcus Aurelius and the Community of Philosophical Life

Claudiu Marius Mesaroș orcid id ; West University of Timișoara, Bulevardul Vasile Pârvan 4, RO–300223 Timișoara

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In the paper, I focus on the historical background of contemporary philosophical practice by pointing out certain aspects of Marcus Aurelius’ philosophical education, especially daily routines carried out during his early childhood, passed on to him by his teachers. I will argue in favour of the idea that certain practices can be structured as a part of the life of a philosophical community. My analysis relies on Hadot’s interpretations of the philosophical ideal of Marcus Aurelius, identified with figures as Cato the Younger, Rogatianus and Aulus Gellius, to emphasise the idea that the dedication to philosophy in the case of Marcus Aurelius was the result of a long process of engaging in spiritual activities suggested by the teachers to whom he pays tribute in the first book of the Meditations. The idea is suggesting that each of these teachers, influenced by Epictetus, encouraged specific virtues to be instantiated in daily practice during Marcus Aurelius’ formative years as a tribute to the Hellenistic conception of philosophy as “care for the soul”. Thus, without being historiographical research as such, the paper attempts to offer a resource for a contemporary philosophical practitioner on the nature of philosophical counselling, by providing historical resources for contemporary philosophical practice, as well as a form of introduction to philosophical counselling for non-practitioners, illustrating stoic philosophical counselling at work.

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philosophical life; Marcus Aurelius; Meditations; Pierre Hadot; philosophical community

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