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Evaluation of judging in male sports gymnastics

Željko Hraski ; Zavod za kineziologiju sporta, Fakultet za fizičku kulturu Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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The evaluation of judging in male sports gymnastics was carried out on the basis of the results obtained by twenty participants of the World Cup "Gimnastics '82", held in 1982 in Zagreb.
For each of the six disciplines in all-round competition, the basic parameters of score distribution were calculated as well as the correlation matrix and the metric characteristics of the judges. The first component was derived from the linear combination of the vectors of judges, on the basis of which a new ranking was arrived at, disregarding the official results. The analysis established that in this competition, the most objective judging was present in the case of the bars, the rings and less on the high bar, while the poorest judging was seen in the class of the floor exercises.
Evaluation of the first major component proved to be a very suitable means of controling the manipulation of scores and a means for a more precise differentiation of rank for the individual competitors.

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sports gymnastics, males, judging, evaluation, factor analysis, marks, metric characteristics, dokimology

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