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The influence of habitual physical activity on functional and motor abilities in middle aged women

Stjepan Heimer ; Faculty of Physical Education, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Marjeta Mišigoj-Duraković ; Faculty of Physical Education, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Branka Matković ; Faculty of Physical Education, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Lana Ružić ; Faculty of Physical Education, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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Physical abilities decrease with age during the active, working phase of life. The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of physical load on functional and motor characteristics of middle aged women. The sample comprised 333 women aged 31-50, all of whom were employed. For the purpose of the study, the sample was divided into two groups; younger group, age 31-40 (N=116) and older group, age 41-50 (N=217). The subjects were first asked to fill in the Baecke’s questionnaire in order to calculate their work, sport and leisure-time indices, which represented the physical load during daily living. Then the anthropometric measurements were done and the subjects were tested for handgrip, sit-ups, vertical jump, balance, tapping and maximal oxygen uptake.
The results showed that younger subjects had significantly less fat tissue, better explosive and repetitive strength, as well as better results of tapping and VO2max, which was understandable because of the age difference. When only more active older subjects were compared with less active younger subjects, most of the previously observed differences disappeared. In that case, the only significant difference was still present in VO2max, which could be explained by the lack of aerobic component in older subjects’ workout routine. It could be concluded that physical activity influences to a great extent the age-induced changes in physical abilities.

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physical fitness, women, work load, characteristics

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