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Peregrines in Roman law and contemporary migrants - a historical contextualization of the current

Henrik-Riko Held orcid id ; Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Luka Orešković orcid id ; Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 611-632

preuzimanja: 864



The article analyses legal status of peregrini in Roman law and their gradual integration into Roman society within the context of the present issue associated with the large number of immigrants in the EU. Regarding Roman law the main focus of analysis was on the development up to the so-called constitutio Antoniniana from 212 which granted Roman citizenship to almost all free inhabitants of the Roman state. Legal status of peregrini and the problem of desirability of Roman citizenship in different periods is specifically addressed. Different methods of acquiring Roman citizenship are also analysed, as well as circumstances surrounding the aforementioned constitution. Generally, Roman policy of principal inclusivity regarding foreigners and its limitations are scrutinised. Finally, legal status of migrants in EU is put in the context of the previous analysis, and potentially relatable circumstances between Roman law and the current situation regarding the actual or future policies are examined.

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peregrini; Roman citizenship; Roman law; migrants; EU

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