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Ivica Beraković ; Poljoprivredni institut Osijek, Osijek, Hrvatska
Goran Krizmanić ; Poljoprivredni institut Osijek, Osijek, Hrvatska
Marijana Tucak ; Poljoprivredni institut Osijek, Osijek, Hrvatska
Goran Jukić ; Hrvatska agencija za poljoprivredu i hranu, Centar za sjemenarstvo i rasadničarstvo, Brijest, Hrvatska
Marko Josipović ; Poljoprivredni institut Osijek, Osijek, Hrvatska
Hrvoje Plavšić ; Poljoprivredni institut Osijek, Osijek, Hrvatska
Ilonka Ivanišić ; Poljoprivredni institut Osijek, Osijek, Hrvatska

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Alfalfa is a perennial plant that is considered the most important foddercrop for the production of quality fodder. Ensuring sufficient quantities of quality seeds is the first prerequisite in the process of producing quality foddermass of alfalfa, and high-value seeds are obtained by processing and properstorage of processed seeds. The aim of the research was to determine the yields of processing after each phase of processing in the process of alfalfa seed processing and thus determine contribution of each phase of processing to the quality of seeds. In the Republic of Croatia, the largest quantities of alfalfa seeds are produced in the Istrian County, and the conducted research covered five producers from the mentioned agro-ecological are a during three consecutive production years (2017, 2018 and 2019). The primary processing was done on a selector and a gravity separator, and the secondary on a magnetic separator. The purity of natural seeds delivered for processing ranged from 76% to 92%. The processing yield in the three-year survey was 76.14%. In processing alfalfa seeds, the largest amount of waste was on the selector and ranged from 16.6% to 19.8%, while the waste on the magnetic separator in all years of processing was of similar value and averaged 5.9%. Seed processing must be carried out until the prescribed seed quality is reached. The results of research on the efficiency of alfalfa seed processing machines indicate the dependence on the input parameters of natural seeds, and most of all on the presence of numerous impurities on the final quantity and quality of alfalfa seeds.

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Medicago sativa L, finishing, seed utilization, germination

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