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Socrates and Epictetus vs. the First and the Second Generation of Sophists

Tamara Plećaš orcid id ; Univerzitet u Beogradu, Filozofski fakultet, Čika Ljubina 18–20, RS–11000 Beograd

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The paper discusses the difference between philosophy and sophistry. More precisely, it discusses the differences between Socrates and Sophists of the first generation, as well as the differences between Epictetus and Sophists of both first and second generation. While Sophists were the first professional teachers and Epictetus one of the greatest Stoic teachers of all times, Socrates, according to Plato, denied being a teacher by any means, despite many who thought otherwise. Sophists were known for their speeches that most attracted those with a wish to be successful politicians. Socrates and Epictetus were also excellent orators surrounded by Athenian and Roman politicians. However, that didn’t make them Sophists. Socrates and Epictetus opted for a life in accordance with excellence (virtue) that could be achieved by philosophy rather than rhetoric. Rhetoric could only have instrumental value, not an intrinsic one.

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Socrates, Epictetus, Aristophanes, Sophists, rhetoric, virtue ethics, exhortation to philosophy

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