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Mare nostrum and the Firm Ground of Phenomenology

Ugo Vlaisavljević orcid id ; Univerzitet u Sarajevu, Filozofski fakultet, Franje Račkog 1, BA–71000 Sarajevo

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In the “Vienna lecture”, the whole of the world’s history is at one moment depicted through the allegory of a wavy sea without borders. In The Idea of Phenomenology, the philosopherstoryteller is caught up in a heavy sea, but at the end, they finally manage to “drop the anchor on the shore of phenomenology”. With the break into the “mainland of absolute givenness” through phenomenological reduction, allegorical representation should lose its philosophical justification. However, metaphors which evoke allegories continue to proliferate even in the most rigorous phenomenological descriptions. Despite its inherent metaphoricity, so vivid that at the crucial points of Husserl’s analyses often reappears a mythical clash of land and sea, the phenomenological interpretation of the world seems nonetheless essentially non-allegorical.

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sea, ground, Earth, waves, allegory, metaphors, Edmund Husserl, phenomenology

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