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Teleology and Evolution – Aristotle and Hans Jonas in the Context of Environmental Ethics

Saša Marinović orcid id ; Rudolfa Bićanića 22, HR–10000 Zagreb

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Aristotle has interpreted research done by empirical methods using metaphysical concepts extensively. According to some authors, his metaphysically intoned philosophy of biology is compatible with the modern theory of evolution and with some of the essential topics of ecological ethics. We will try to show how the interpretation of the substantial whole, under the aspect of the notion of potentiality, is Aristotle’s contribution to the debates of eco-ethical holism. Furthermore, we will show how Hans Jonas also finds the possibility of valuing the individual organic substance in Aristotle’s works, which are not only representatives of the human species. Hans Jonas pleads for a revision of the modern theory of evolution, which, combined with some of Aristotle’s metaphysical elements, could avoid the reductionism to which it was exposed after Descartes.

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Aristotle, evolution, substantial whole, Hans Jonas, ethics of responsibility, environmental ethics

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